For us there is still wonder and admiration - and every day we are so thankful for the miracle of unexpected joy in our lives.

Here is what the mosaic of God's leadership looks like in our lives from my perspective. Peter mentioned "Nela's answer". It consisted of and consists of my decisive "Four Points" that brought our connection to the "desired haven" (Ps 107:30).

  1. We want to serve the Lord together
  2. We love and care about each other.
  3. We understand each other.
  4. We are intended for each other.

Intended for each other?

45 years prior, at a youth camp in Beatenberg, while reading the Bible, I received a Biblical text in a special way - referring to Peter and me. Something like "a whisper of light or a gentle breeze." It was a promise that of course could not be fulfilled and I left it to the side, the impression faded and I didn’t think about it anymore. Shortly thereafter, I met and happily married Jim Williams, a US student then, and later a Bible theologian. We had three children born to us. We joyfully served the Lord in the then Yugoslavia in Novi Sad at the Biblical School and in Zagreb. Then in a car accident my husband Jim was suddenly taken from us in 1980. At 35 years of age, I was a widow with three children. I could not understand it, but I accepted it as it was from the Lord, because I somehow believed that He knew what He was doing. And now, after 45 years, I have come to the knowledge that the Lord in His faithfulness has slowly prepared the way and the ground to fulfill that promise.

And Peter and I lived in happy marriages - with children and later on with grandchildren. We both experienced  loss and sorrow through the sudden accidents of our spouses. In my 30 years as a widow with a fulfilling missionary mission, I never thought that the long-awaited promise could ever become a reality. But our Lord remains faithful and acts quietly and gradually and surely paves the way for fulfilling His plan for our lives. "Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?  Numbers 23:19 

So for us, after the first year of marriage, there is still wonder and admiration and every day we are thankful for the miracle of unexpected joy in our lives.

In the Book of Prophet Jeremiah 29:11 we find a promise that encompasses all this and states: "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, that I may give you a future and hope.



From my early youth I went through many great changes and moves, and in all of this I was accompanied by God's grace. " Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm. 90, 14) - this was my experience from an early age.


I was born in Switzerland and grew up in India. Later I went to school and uni in Switzerland. Vibrant  church communities and an excellent group of young people were followed by 35 years in which I served as a Biblical teacher at a the guest house and Bible School in Beatenberg. This little mountain village is located near Interlaken, a famous tourist resort in the Alps. These were golden years with my first wife Suzanne - and our three children.

During these years we also got to know Nela, a missionary and a widow from Zagreb and greeted her when she was a guest at Beatenberg. We also exchanged letters - news about our families and activities in our mission work. It was a heartfelt communion in the service of the Lord.

For me a big change took place in the autumn of 2009. We were on holiday with our daughter's family in Italy. One night, Suzanne had a tragic fall down the stairs and died. It was for her a divine call from this world. 

In shock and deep sorrow I sold our flat in France and moved to Switzerland near to my two sons and their families not far from Bern. "Dear Lord, my God, what now? What to do next? Is this the last station in my life? "

Among the many letters from relatives, friends and acquaintances, there was a letter from Nela who was then with her beloved ones in America. An unexpected and clear memory came to me when I saw her for the last time in Beatenberg. It was about nine years before, but the memory was still alive. I thanked Nela for the encouraging letters which were somewhat longer than expected. I also wrote about my wish to visit her once in Zagreb to share experiences of God's work, evangelism and mission in her homeland.

That visit and the following letters took place in the growing security of the good leadership of God. There was no shadow, no questions or doubts, and as I later realized, it was the expression of love.

"So, dear Lord, you are going ahead of us on this path. Without you, we do not want to do anything.” Nela's reply came to me soon. Everything was so clear and simple.  Our joyful security followed us to our wedding in 2011 at the Baptist Church in Zagreb. We still enjoy it to this day.


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