Nothing happened abruptly - it was as if Jesus' gentle voice was slowly calling to his lost sheep

In the book of Ezekiel there is a beautiful picture, a vision that the prophet experienced. While the people of Israel were in exile in Babylon because of their disobedience, rebellion, and sin, the prophet is shown a vision in which he sees a large field full of bones. At one point, God breathes his Spirit onto the bones, and flesh and skin begin to form around them and they come to life. This picture actually describes my life as well.

I spent the early period of my life in a happy family. I had everything I needed. Over time, my rebellion and desire to experience things that were forbidden to me dragged me in a different direction.

Though I was physically still ok, my spiritual self slowly began to fall apart until only the bones were left. 

The thought that I knew what was best for me became my guiding star, and God only had a bunch of rules I couldn’t fulfill anyway. Such a way of life was full of limitations that would not allow me to truly live. But at the end of the day, my attitudes and perspectives always disappointed me and left me empty.

After years of spiritual death, over a period of months, I began to think about the truth of what others were telling me about Jesus. Nothing happened abruptly - it was as if Jesus' gentle voice was slowly calling to his lost sheep. My spiritual skeleton slowly began to gain flesh and skin, and God then breathed His Spirit into me. My perspectives miraculously changed.

Now I understand that living with Christ means living with full lungs, that it is a life in which there is no emptiness because He is always there.

When I look back I see that I am truly born again, because the old me certainly couldn’t have imagined that I would be what I am and where I am now.

This is my greatest testimony - I was dead, but Christ brought me to life!


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